Church History

History of New Genesis Total Praise Center

Years 1 - 4

Founded on May 11, 2003 in Owings Mills, Maryland in the home of Pastor Donnell D. Cunningham, New Genesis Total Praise Center, Incorporated was birthed. With the six founding members, the call of Pastoral ship and the history of New Genesis Total Praise Center, Inc. was established. In the infancy stages of ministry, the faithful founding members of Leroy Loving, Shanta Cunningham, Shawn Morris, Amonti Steele, Delores Cooper and Tamara Harrison proved that commitment and dedication and the power of the Holy Ghost was demonstrated as they moved forward in Ministry. Shortly after the establishment of the ministry NGPTC found its new home located at 4941 Belair Road. Pastor Cunningham and the members actively worshipped and magnified God not realizing that the multitude was coming. During their first year they became a 501©3 non-profit organization in the state of Maryland. In the fall of 2003, the membership increased and the ministry was operating effectively in the community. As the membership increased the first Board of Directors was established that consisted of Pastor Donnell D. Cunningham, D.I.T Leroy Loving, D.I.T Shanta Cunningham, D.I.T Pearlie Carr, Minister DeVonna Graham, Minister Renee Rawlings, D.I.T Martina Biddle, and Elder Aleatha Shaw-Palmer. After the birthing of the board of directors the ministry became strong and connected. At the closing of the first year the Deacon’s Ministry, Women’s, Single’s, Youth & Young Adult Ministry and the Ministerial Staff along with 6 other new ministries was established.

As each year grew, New Genesis Total Praise Center, Inc. the creation of the executive staff was formed which consisted of the Church Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Financial Secretary, and Pastors Secretary. This was a wonderful second year because it celebrated the 1st Pastoral and Church Anniversaries. On Sunday, September 12, 2004, the ministry hosted its 1st Women’s Day where the guest speaker was Reverend Theda Christie, in that same month NGTPC celebrated their 1st General Assembly at the home of Mother Delores Cooper were (4) Deacons in Training were ordained, (1) Minister ordained (Renee Rawlings), and (1) Minister was licensed (Jacquetta Burch). For the General Assembly Pastor Edith Payne, Elder Kevin Evans, Pastor Linda Firman, Pastor Katie Hall, Felicia Wallace family and friends were in attendance. In October 2004, we celebrated our 1st Hallelujah party, the birthing of Outreach ministry, Dynamic Deliverance Substance Abuse Ministry, Hospitality, Drama ministries and 3rd Sunday fellowship dinners and the purchasing of the church van. New ministry fellowships were formed with Renew Hope CC Church, New Joy, New Faith, House of Judah, House of Mercy, New Day Fellowship, Restoration Christian Ecclesia, Evans Temple Memorial Church of God to name a few. As the year concluded they celebrated New Year’s Eve in Owings Mills, where the ministry first began, the guest speaker was Pastor Terrance Whitaker.

New Genesis territory was about to expand, our humble beginnings started in a home, then moved to a building that had one bathroom and a kitchen that was a multiple purpose space the Lord has bless the ministry to move to 5807-09 Moravia Road, Baltimore, MD in June of 2005. As faithful servants over our beginning stages, the ministry had more space and that lead to the growing of the membership to 50. Being faithful over the little afforded NGTPC the opportunity to have 2-bathroom, 5 business offices, a lounge area for our guest, and central air. A new location meant more opportunities to evangelize to a new community. This year was also the year of training and developing new Deacons and Ministers. During different quarters of the year Pastor Cunningham birthed out his lions on Friday October 7, 2005 Sister Joanna Rollins ministered her initial sermon and was called to the office of an Evangelist.

Pastor Cunningham was not done cultivating and birthing ministries, in 2006 the Marriage, Transportation, and Food Pantry ministries was formed. In April 2006 New Genesis held their 1st Renaissance Conference “Redeeming the Time” (Ephesians 5:16) in Cocoa Beach, FL some of the speakers where the late Pastor Ernestine Addison, Reverend Joseph Brickhouse and Pastor Gwendolyn Taylor. They also, held their 1st Black Tie Gala at Martins West and purchased a 48-passenger motor coach. As Pastor Cunningham continues to lead the members of New Genesis Total Praise Center, he was work never went un-noticed, for another level of anointing was resting upon their leader’s life. The compassion for people and the work ethic proved volumes in the community and in the kingdom. Under the spiritual guidance and covering of Pastor, Dr. Ernestine Addison she imparted spiritual seeds in his life. The call of Bishop was resting on him, and on Tuesday, December 12, 2006, Pastor Cunningham was selected by an unanimous vote by the Board of Directors to be recommended to the office of Bishop.

On Sunday, January 7, 2007 it was publicly known to the members of New Genesis Total Praise Center and throughout the city of Baltimore that their pastor was designated to the Office of a Bishop. On Saturday March 24, 2007 at New Faith Ministries at the hour of 2:00pm Pastor Cunningham was ordained by God, elected by the College of Bishops and consecrated by the laying on of the hands by the Chief Consecrator (The Late, Most Reverend Bishop Robert Lee Bussey Sr,) and members of the College of Bishops. As the Presiding Prelate, of New Genesis World Alliance Ministries, International, his first assignment as a newly affirmed Bishop was the hosting of the 2nd Renaissance Conference in Jekyll Island, GA (April 2007) were Dr. John Gunns, Evangelist Patrick Purcell, and Pastor Curtis Johnson blessed all attendees mightily with an awesome word from God. During this conference Bishop Cunningham consecrated his first Associate Pastor of New Genesis Total Praise Center, Inc in the person of Elder Aleatha Palmer. During that year more callings were confirmed and ministries within NGTPC were excelling. Two new fellowships were formed with Pastor Michelle Claiborne (Richmond, VA) & Elder Marvin Rhodes (Nashville, TN). The first four years of ministry brought about sweat, tears, due diligence and hard work that paid off as the ministry continued to blossom.

Years 5 - 8

In 2008, New Genesis continued to walk in purpose despite the attacks of the enemy. Families where now joining the ministry and through that a new generation of believers where being cultivated. The Outreach, Men’s Ministry and Ministerial Staff took it to the streets as they served the community. This ministry expanded its horizons and visited nursing homes, soup kitchens as well as financial contributions to ensure that those in need will feel the warmth of Jesus Christ.  A shifting was taking place as Bishop Cunningham ministers the word of God with power and conviction, it has been proving how lives has been changed due to the ministry of Jesus Christ here at New Genesis Total Praise Center. The ministry’s commitment to community and family shows throughout the year and every Thanksgiving and Christmas. With monthly food and clothing drives and words of encouragement is the key to winning souls for the kingdom,

Because New Genesis Total Praise Center has a heart for all people to ensure that their “total” being is healthy they established the Health Ministry. In 3rd John 1:2 declares: Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. To ensure this takes place the ministry teamed up with Minute by Minute Treatment facility based out of Philadelphia, to assist those that struggle with substance addiction this connection has helped many to walk and embrace their sobriety. For this cause the substance abuse ministry is listed as a safe place to come for weekly NA meetings.

As Bishop Cunningham wanted to expand the boundaries, he hosted the ministry’s first cruise to the Bahamas; this was an excitement for those who never left the United States, in this experience it allowed us to fellowship with local churches in Nassau, Bahamas.  As New Genesis continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, Bishop Cunningham was led to host the Refreshing Conference 2010 in Scottsdale, AZ, where the peace of God was felt their when you stood on top of the Sedona mountains. This conference opens the hearts and minds of the members when fellowshipping with brothers and sisters in a different land.  In 2011 souls continuing to join the ministry, members’ accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, the culture of the ministry was increasing. During this year the Deacons ministry increased to 12 adding two deacons in training and two junior deacons and a ministerial staff of 11 clergy men and women. This is a ministry that believes in the 5-fold ministry. In this year Generation NOW! Summer camp was in session this allowed children within the community to have a safe place to learn and grow.  Generation NOW! Partnered with Youth Works of Baltimore City, and became a worksite for teenagers to gain experience. This opportunity allowed those workers to learn more about the ministry and eventually became active members.

In year 8, New Genesis was ready to host their next conference the Fresh Fire Conference in Jacksonville, FL this conference restored those who have been lost and has been reconciled back to God.  This is the year of new beginnings, open doors, and great expectation of what’s next for New Genesis Total Praise Center, Inc.

Years 9 - 12

These next four years showed endless possibilities; history was made when Bishop Cunningham ministered the word of God on The Word Network (Rejoice in the Word).  The ministry continues to partner with Youth Works to employ teenagers for the summer; this was an awesome opportunity for those who were employed for the first time.  This program allowed teenagers build the self-esteem and self-awareness. Throughout these years’ souls were added to the church, relationships were built within the community and lives has been changed.  As God has seen the ministry be faithful on Belair Road and Moravia Road, another window was open. On Friday, January 31, 2014, New Genesis moved to its current location 314 N. Gilmor Street located in the Franklin Square Community of West Baltimore. This was another blessing to a beacon light of those in the community.  During the opening weekend, many of the neighbors on that block became members, some who have strayed away from God but found their way back. As months passed the ministry was flourishing each time the doors were open. Some of our current members joined after watching Bishop Cunningham on Grace and Glory, that interview lead a soul to this ministry, and she is now an Evangelist.

With the rise of social media, New Genesis stepped out and joined Facebook, through this social media outlet, it allows those who live across this world to be able to hear receive and accept the Word of God. They also, became a part of Instagram and Twitter these outlets have become a vehicle to enhance the ministry of Jesus Christ.  

Years 13-16

In 2016-19 began the year of appreciation, Bishop Cunningham held the first Senior Elder/Associate Pastor Appreciation service for their hard work and due diligence in ministry. Over the next three years we began to expand and build stronger partnerships within the community through Evangelism and Outreach efforts.  NGTPC partners with Southwest Partnership, the Enoch Pratt Library Book Mobile, First Fruits Farms and other entities to help feed the hungry, fight illiteracy and more. The ministry hosted Super Saturdays at Westside Shopping Center, were we took it to the streets, offering prayer, resources, food, clothing, information on substance abuse treatment and more. Our Super Saturdays have been a blessing to everyone who was at the Westside Shopping Center.

As a ministry we took what was going on in the community to heart, we hosted our first Town Hall meeting with the neighbors, city council, police department, and the church to come with solutions to bring a resolve to the issues that are plaguing the inner city.  We also hosted Real Talk, a show that brings about a dialogue between men and women and relationships. These shows were aired via Facebook Live to help those who struggle with abuse, pain, low self-esteem to help build their confidence. The ministry has hosted their first Prophets revival where we sat in expectation and great zeal. 

In these past 16 years, we as a ministry continues to host the annual Back2School Rally, Matters of the Heart Thanksgiving Give-away, Season’s Greetings Christmas Blessings, Food drives, Clothing drive, Educational Resources and more……. We have witnessed the ministry gifts of Bishop George Bloomer, Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole, Evangelist Karen Clark-Sheard, Bishop J Drew Sheard, Bishop Marvin Sapp, Bishop William Murphy III, Bishop Rance Allen, Bishop Greg Davis and Bishop Jacqueline McCullough come to be a blessing to a ministry that has been a blessing to others for the past 16 years. 

Our ministry is rich in history and it is so much more to share but know that the Holy Ghost leads and guides to all truth for this is “the church where Jesus is Lord & Reigns forever.

Church Information

Church Address

New Genesis Total Praise Center, Inc

314 N. Gilmor Street

Baltimore, MD, 21223

Administrative Office: (443) 438-3331

Fax: (443) 449-6301

Worship With Us:

Spiritual Empowerment (Sunday school) 9:00 am

The Power of Worship 10:00 am

Generation NOW Youth & Young Adult (3rd Sunday)10:00 am

Tuesday Night Teaching (TNT) 7:00 pm

Generation NOW Teaching (YTNT) 7:00 pm

1st Friday Night Live 7:00 pm

Bi-monthly 1st Sunday Pastoral Fellowship Service 4:00 pm

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