I.C.E.E (Investing in Community Empowerment & Engagement)

  1. Introduction

The I.C.E.E program has been developed by New Genesis Total Praise Center, Inc. This organization has been in existence for 16 years serving the Baltimore City areas. We are an organization that focuses on outreach, evangelism, youth and young adult, community and family. For such cause this program has been created as an urgency to make a difference within the community and city of Baltimore. Our goal is to obtain partnerships and ongoing funding to be able to continue the work of building individuals in order to build communities. We will show :

> The purpose of the program

> The target audience

> Community Involvement

> The structure and content of the program

> Sponsorship/Partnership Funding

2. Purpose of I.C.E.E

The Purpose:

> To introduce individuals to opportunities to improve their overall lives;

> To raise awareness and understanding of those battling with substance use disorders and searching for treatment and rehabilitation;

> Prepare youth and young adults for college, the workforce, and entrepreneurial opportunities;

> Build a community empowerment and engagement center. This center will be divided into sections to house the Human Services division.

> Build a youth and young adult center and childcare facility.

This program is open to the Franklin Square Community and surrounding communities in the West and Southwest areas of Baltimore City. The program will become accessible to other communities yearly.

3. Target Audience?

Our target audience will consist of:

> Substance Use disorders (all ages)

> At-risk youth and young adults & Excelling youth and young adults

> Elderly

> Veterans

> Families

These diversified groups will gain empowerment and learn how to achieve sustainability through trainings, resources, referrals and other services. The above is a brief list of our targeted audience. 

4. Community Involvement

Community is the core purpose of this program, to bring resources and opportunities to impoverished area s

> Charity events-Back2School, Family Matters (Thanksgiving), Stocking Stuffers (Christmas Season)

> Town Hall & Community Meetings.

> Introducing the community on dream workshops and seminars

> Collaborating with other community groups and non-profit/for-profit organizations to strengthen community relationships

> Collaborating with local law enforcement on safe community relations and dialogue

5. Program Structure

This program will operate Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am-1pm and beginning 2020 (7am-3pm):

> An introductory session of 1 hour to community leaders, citizens, political leaders about the I.C.E.E program

> Human Services programs (assessment and intake)

> After school programs & Summer programs (hours will vary)

6. Sponsorship

We have two financial goals: a) securing funding to purchase property in the 300 block of Gilmor Street for the listed purposes below; and b) for operational purposes (purchasing computers, renovations, tutoring materials, etc.)

> Building a Job training facility (computer lab, mock job interviews, resume writing, GED & tutoring services)

> Human Services facility (substance use disorders referrals and assessments, outreach services, food, clothing, confidential STD sites)

> Generation Now Youth & Young Adult Community Center (24hour childcare, haven for teens and young adults, college preparation, vision works)

The I.C.E.E is requesting sponsors and/or partners to make an ongoing financial donation or a onetime financial contribution in the amount of $1500.00.   If you will operate as an ongoing financial contributor enclose the contribution amount and frequency. For more information contact Joanna Rollins @ (443) 438-3331 

Hope United (International Missions)

The Seeds of H.O.P.E Haiti Child Sponsorship Program was founded in March of 2019. New Genesis World Alliance Ministries International has partnered with L'Eglise Mission Pentcoiste Lumiere De La Saintete' ministry in Port Au Prince, Haiti to seed into the lives of the children connected to that ministry. The Seeds of H.O.P.E. mission is to assist the children in Haiti with the opportunity to live a healthy, spirit lead, and prosperous life. Our goal is to assist with education expenses, clothing, medication, and other needs that the children may have. The Word of God says in Matthew 13:38, that the good seed are the children of the Kingdom. 

The benefit of supporting H.O.P.E is that every donation of will:

> Ensure that children within the community and region receive the basic necessities, such as but not limited to: (clothing, food, hygiene products, and school supplies).

> Water purification filters

> Musical equipment

> Church building materials (tarp, electrical tape, wood and materials to build pews)

> Financial support

The H.O.P.E United is requesting sponsors and/or partners to make an ongoing financial donation or a onetime financial contribution to the international missions.   If you will operate as an ongoing financial contributor enclose the contribution amount and frequency. For more information contact DeVonna Graham @ (443) 438-3331 or via email

Church Information

Church Address

New Genesis Total Praise Center, Inc

314 N. Gilmor Street

Baltimore, MD, 21223

Administrative Office: (443) 438-3331

Fax: (443) 449-6301

Worship With Us:

Spiritual Empowerment (Sunday school) 9:00 am

The Power of Worship 10:00 am

Generation NOW Youth & Young Adult (3rd Sunday)10:00 am

Tuesday Night Teaching (TNT) 7:00 pm

Generation NOW Teaching (YTNT) 7:00 pm

1st Friday Night Live 7:00 pm

Bi-monthly 1st Sunday Pastoral Fellowship Service 4:00 pm

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